MASSIVE 200 Car, Chain Reaction Accident Caught on Tape

Early Friday morning, Michigan’s Interstate 94, west of Battle Creek, was subjected to whiteout conditions and a slippery roadway as a colossal snow storm passed over head. Things only got worse from there, though.

Caught on tape, the snow storm soon facilitated an unbelievable 200 car chain reaction crash. The video below shows the cars and trucks slamming into stalled wrecks and people running from their vehicles. During one point, a truck carrying fireworks even crashed and exploded, soon setting other cars on fire. Throughout the madness, people can be heard screaming.

“We took buses to the scene to get people out of there and to get them out of the cold,” said State Police Lieutenant Rick Padzer. “It can be very stressful and frustrating for police responding.”

Not surprisingly, police soon decided to shut down both the eastbound and westbound lanes of the highway. They would stay that way for the enxt 14 hours.

According to reports, only one person died in the accident, a 57-year old truck driver from Canada, while nearly two dozen were injured.

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