Video: Incredible Futuristic Buildup of ‘Cosmotron’ Car Done in Backyard Shed

cosmoSpending 18 months of sweat dripping labor in his backyard shed (???), Englishman Paul Bacon managed to build one of today’s oddest Frankenstein car creations: the Cosmotron. Using the bones of a 1998 BMW Z3 with a 2.8-liter inline-six, Bacon stripped the ride down and re-built it using fiberglass laid over polystyrene foam to create a new shaped, Jetsons-like body.

“In the 60s in America, there were a few cars like this, but not too many,” says Bacon in an interview with Barcroft. “When I was a kid, I was always told that by the year 2000, this is what cars would look like and they don’t, so I was incredibly disappointed.” Me too!

As the owner of Cyclone Works, a shop specializing in unique bicycles, the 41-year old Bacon is a true man of idealism, always willing to spend time on a mind bending project. In order for an eccentric build-up like this to become possible, though, Bacon says that it must first be approached from a rational and meticulous process.

cosmo2In describing his build-up of the Cosmotron, Bacon sounds pragmatically grounded, saying, “I went and bought a BMW Z3 with the 2.8-liter straight six, around about 1998, and I took every single body panel off it so I was left with the just the rolling chassis and floor pan. I then braced that with extra steel, just to make sure it was stiff enough so there would be no flexing in the fiberglass body and onto that I bonded polystyrene and expanding foam. Then I sculpted the shape of the car.”

In the end, the 192 bhp, street legal ride is about as close to perfection as a visionary ride can get, providing all of us auto enthusiasts with a glimpse of the future that should’ve happened.

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