Missing Crash Victim Found Inside of Car 6 Hours After Being Towed

busybee2At 3 a.m. on New Year’s Day, just hours after the big ball dropped in the heart of New York City, a Chevy Impala was found smashed into a pole outside of Dayton, Ohio. First responders to the accident couldn’t locate the body, leading them to believe that the driver had simply run away, fearful of the possible consequences.

Six hours later, however, the driver was found screaming for help in the vehicle’s footwell.

According to reports, the man– who has yet to be identified– was found at the tow yard by an employee of the Busy Bee towing company. The worker claims to have seen the man laying on the car floor, trapped under the dashboard, while the car was still elevated on the flatbed.


In his 911 call, the Busy Bee employee said, “I towed a car last night. I went to go take of the lot, this guy’s still in in his vehicle… To tell you the truth, I don’t know if this guy came back to his car and climbed in it. You probably need to send a cop out here.”

Police claim to have searched for the lost driver for 90 minutes after finding the accident and said they won’t speculate on what may have happened. They will spend the next 30 days investigating the matter.

Capt. Jeremy Roy with the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office said, “If this is a case where somebody was missed, it’s usually due to a crash involved in a rollover, possibly an ejection, where you’re not really sure where that person is. We will conduct our full investigation. If we feel there is some issues, or proper protocol or procedures weren’t followed, then we will open up an internal investigation.”

busy beeSome, including the Busy Bee employee, believe that the driver climbed to the lot and back into the vehicle. This explanation seems plausible, considering that the tow lot was only 500 yards from the accident.

After being spotted, the driver was immediately taken to the hospital and treated for severe leg wounds. He is now in critical condition. As far as what happened that night, it still remains a mystery.

What do you think happened? Let us know in the comments below.

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