6 Killed in Horrific Garbage Truck Accident

Earlier today in Glasgow, Scotland, six people– including an infant and other young children– were killed when a garbage truck drove through a crowded city center and into a hotel. Another eight are currently being treated in three separate Glasgow hospitals. Witnesses have described the aftermath as “a scene out of a horror movie.”

“I saw one girl who had been hit, lying on the ground,” said witness Finlay Mair in an interview with the Telegraph. “She was young, of student age. She just screamed, and screamed, and then fell down again. She had terrible injuries.”

According to reports, witnesses have reported that young children and a baby in a carriage were among the dead. There still has been no information released on the driver of the garbage truck; the only thing that is known is that he is being treated at a local hospital.

Witnesses have also said that they saw the garbage truck swerve through George Square, an area that was swamped with Christmas shoppers, before the collision and swarm of onlookers. “There were two people getting mouth to mouth. There were some bodies that were just untouchable and people were covering them because they were in such a state,” witness Anjan Luthra said.

“I heard screaming and saw people running toward George Square,” said witness Allison Keith. “By the time I got round the corner there were people trying to help the injured. It was horrific. There were people crying and shouting.”

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