Raminator Breaks Monster Truck Speed Record

raminatorChrysler Group announced today that their Ram sponsored Raminator broke the Guinness World Record for “Fastest Speed by a Monster Truck.” The record breaking event took place at the Circuit of the Americas facility in Austin, Texas as the truck clocked in at 99.10 miles per hour– up from the previous record of 96.8 miles per hour.

“Ordinarily we’re never trying to see how absolute fast or whatever top speed we can do,” said crew chief Tim Hall. “It’s more just negotiating the track… [But if] somebody’s going to do it, it might as well be us.”

If the Raminator sounds familiar, well, that’s because it has been making the rounds since 1996. During this 18 year run, the beast has been run and operated by the Hall Brother Racing Team, which features nine-time Monster Truck Racing Association “Driver of the Year” Mark Hall and his five-time “Mechanic of the Year” brother Tim Hall.

Amazingly, over its long run, the Raminator has been named “Truck of the Year” eight times, a number that will probably grow after today’s record breaking feat.

In a post stunt interview, Tim Hall said, “Taking on the challenge of breaking a world record has been an experience we will never forget. With the support of Ram and Mopar, we continue to add to our achievements and are honored to now be a Guinness World Records holder.”

As far as the specs go, the Raminator stands up like a Greek God. It is an astonishing 10 feet tall with a pair of broad shoulders, registering the ride at about 12 feet wide. Helping it grind through anything and everything, the Raminator also has eye popping 66-inch tires and a 565 cubic-inch supercharged Hemi engine capable of booming out about 2,000 horsepower. All in all, that helps the ride weigh more than 10,000 pounds!!!

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