“Mad Mike’s” Twin Turbo 4-Rotor Engine 1200hp Miata Build-Up

If you’re trying to amp up your ride, there’s no sweeter hook-up than a factory hook-up. Evidence– “Mad” Mike Whiddett’s latest MX-5 project, the RADBULL.

For the project, Whiddett– who is also a professional drifter– is transitioning from his well-known RX-7 to the Miata RADBULL. Only, this ride won’t be featuring a typical Miata engine. Instead, Whiddett has used a sponsorship from Mazda to build-in a MASSIVE upgrade.

Motor Authority’s Jeff Glucker describes the upgrade by saying,  “The automaker has essentially remade the bits to the famed R26B. Those letters and numbers should be familiar, because they make up the engine designation of the four-rotor that powered the truly stupendous Mazda 767 and 787B. Yes… the one that won Le Mans.”

Amazingly, the freshly installed twin-turbocharged rotor R26B engine can be tuned to run anywhere between 1200 hp and 1500 hp (!!!) in short bursts, while providing a power-to-weight ratio perspective that is unparalleled in international pro-spec drifting. Check out the amazing finished product below…

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