9 James Bond Vehicles Stolen… Is This Part of the Sony Hack??

bond2Late last week, nine customized cars, which were set to be used for the new James Bond movie– Spectre, were stolen from a garage in Neuss, Germany. Among the nine vehicles, five were reportedly Range Rover Sport models. Combined, the stolen vehicles are worth upwards of one million dollars.

“We are aware of the theft of a number of Range Rovers in Düsseldorf, Germany,” Land Rover UK said in a statement to The Daily Express. “This is a criminal act, and the police are carrying out a full investigation.”

All of the stolen vehicles were awaiting shipment to the Alps, which is where filming is scheduled to begin this week. According to reports, the police have no leads in their investigation. However, this crime does come during a time in which Sony Pictures has been under an intense cyber attack, possibly stemming from the release of the new James Franco/Seth Rogen film: The Interview.

Many believe that this movie, which is about the attempted assassination of North Korea’s dictator Kim Jong Un, has prompted North Korea to initiate an attack that has led to the leaking of films, scripts, and employees’ confidential information.

bond3Starting last month, a group known as the Guardians of Peace (which has strong links to North Korea) began making themselves known through a series of threatening e-mails to Sony employees. Business Insider’s Matt Donnelly reports, “Several staffers received the message, the individual said, with most left feeling “disturbed.”… A second insider confirmed this latest threat vowed to do damage if the [Guardians of Peace’s] demands are not met.”

Right now, it’s unclear if the stolen vehicles are an extension of this possible North Korea onslaught, but they certainly must be considered as candidates for the crime, especially after seeing just how extensive their attacks have been so far.


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