BRAND NEW Mad Max Trailer Released

One of the greatest gear head movies of all-time, without a doubt, is Mad Max. With the original debuting way back in 1979, it’s still one of those classic flicks that you can toss on just about anytime, and it never fails to disappoint.

Of course, the final of the original 3 Mad Max movies came out way back in 1985, almost 30 years ago now. Fortunately, though, the series is being sparked back to life, and we will be able to enjoy an all-new rendition in 2015. Even better, unlike many re-makes, this film actually looks like it’ll be a great film.

Titled Mad Max: Fury Road, the new film ditches Mel Gibson for Tom Hardy and amps up the specialized rides to entirely new level (we did a piece on those bad boys a few months ago). Now, today, the studios released the latest trailer for the movie. It looks insane!!!

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