Akropovic Debuts Futuristic Full Moon Motorcycle Concept

full2Akrapovic– a Slovenian exhaust manufacturer– revealed a brand new, head turning concept motorcycle at Germany’s Bad Salzuflen Custombike Show. Referred to as the Full Moon, this bike was co-designed by Dreamachine Motorcycles and features a colossal 30-inch front wheel, a wide open engine, and a back wheel covering that’s so huge it looks like a piece of armor from ancient Norse battle mythology (or, maybe, a slutty pop star video).

In an interview about the Full Moon, Akrapovic says, “This concept machine was developed to avoid being categorized, and as such is a bike that belongs nowhere and everywhere, making it a unique motorcycle. The name comes from the huge aluminum and carbon thirty-inch front wheel, which is completely visible, giving the impression of a full moon and making a huge statement of what this bike is about.”

Taking a closer look inside of that fat Kim Kardashian-esque back end, the motorbike houses two Akrapovic tailpipes that have been rounded and integrated into the shell. According to the company, the motorcycle took about 800 hours of labor to complete, with quite a bit of attention being paid to this section in particular.

fullThose specialty exhaust pipes then shoot out to connect to the 1.524cc S$S Knucklehead V-twin, which is completely bare, limiting its ability to deal with harsh outdoor weather (I guess that lives up to their promise of this bike belonging nowhere).

In the end, the finished product is exactly what Akropovic was looking for. The company says, “This is an extremely technically advanced motorcycle, full of unique elements that were carefully chosen to make the bike totally exclusive, and the shape hides completely new solutions used on a custom bike for the first time. The Full Moon is like no other bike out there now, and Akrapovič is very proud of it.”

What do you think of the bike? Is it a keeper or should it be tossed on the trash heap?


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