Should Lane Splitting Be Legal??

Depending on who you ask, you’re bound to find a different opinion when it comes to lane splitting. Some view it as a dangerous and obnoxious practice (evidence #1- see the recent, viral video below), while others view it as an all too often disrespected right that belongs to bikers.

Currently, across the United States, there are only a few areas that actually allow the move (with the most notable being California). But even in these areas, lane splitting hasn’t officially been deemed a “legal practice.”

In fact, most states and/or associations refuse to issue a blanket statement that would apply to all riders concerning the legality of the issue. Even the American Motorcyclist Association, which would presumably be the natural defender of lane splitting, won’t come out and 100% support making it fully legal or illegal.

Instead, the official AMA website says, “Taking into consideration that the vast majority of the motoring public does not ride motorcycles, we are certain non-motorcyclists do not understand the risks and the benefits of lane splitting to the riding community.”

“The AMA endorses rider responsibility and actions that make roadways safer for motorcyclists. While research and evidence suggest that lane splitting may reduce a motorcyclist’s risk exposure somewhat, we are cautious to issue a blanket endorsement supporting the practice.”

So, what do you think? Should lane splitting be made legal?


3 thoughts on “Should Lane Splitting Be Legal??

  1. This can be viewed in two perspectives,
    1. The conductor of the red Honda accord did not signal a lane change witch didn’t give the rider enough time to react.
    2. The rider was traveling at a relatively faster rate than traffic.

    Conclusion: when cutting lanes In moderate traffic a motorcycle seems like it’s hauling ass when in reality it’s not that much faster than traffic, the person in the Honda did not signal. So my opinion is that the operator of the red Honda was at fault


  2. I Think That Stupid Mother Fucker Had It Coming They Think They Can do What They Want. Don’t Feel A Bit Fucking Sorry For The Prick.


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