Aston Martin Debuts New DB10 for Next Bond Flick

James Bond is known for being a man of class and taste. He’s always stocked when it comes to the hottest gadgets, and you can always count on him to be knee deep in women and breasts and Pussy Galore. But even better than that, Bond always has the freshest, most exciting rides.

Today, after months of speculation, the latest Bond car– an Aston Martin DB10– was revealed at Pinewood Studios. This car is set to be the featured ride in the latest Bond installment, Spectre, which is set to debut in 2015 and looks to be the best Bond movie in years. It will star Daniel Craig, Christoph Waltz (super villain alert!!), and will be directed by Sam Mendes– the guy who headed the classic American Beauty film.

aston2As far as the new Aston Martin goes, the vehicle was developed specifically for the film and built in-house by the British based company. The DB10, of course, is an especially momentous vehicle for the Aston Martin-007 union as it marks the 50th anniversary for the collaboration, the first partnership happening in 1964’s Goldfinger which featured the DB5.

Motor Authority says of the latest rendition of the Bond Aston Martin, “It’s clear the design of the DB10 is unlike any other Aston Martin; this is because it’s believed to also be a preview of the DB9 replacement due in the coming years. The lines are much sharper than on any current Aston, the headlights are grille also feature new designs, and the sides and rear portion borrow elements from this year’s DB-100 concept designed for the Gran Turismo video game series.”

When it comes to the powertrain, well, there haven’t been any details released yet, but we do know that there will be ten cars built for the film, which will undoubtedly be stunt heavy. Good thing Aston Martin’s been there and done that!


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