Indian Man Is a Yoga Motorcycle Stuntman

Yoga and motorcycles aren’t the most natural mix. After all, one is concerned with calming and spiritual centering, while the other, well, it’s a way to get one hell of a thrill ride.

yogaGugulotu Lachiram, however, is building a name for himself by mixing both. According to Lachiram– who is from India and works as a professional farmer– it was about six years ago that he had the idea to start practicing yoga while cruising on his motorcycle.

“I take the risk while I perform and until today I have not had any accidents,” Lachiram says. “Sometimes I get scared when I perform stunts but it makes me feel happy too. I can do many yoga postures. Some are performed by sitting, standing and lying down. I can stand on a bike on the tank, in the middle and in the end.”

As part of his daily routine, Lachiram practices these stunts religiously during his 3 mile long morning and afternoon commutes. According to the Indian farmer, he performs his stunts while travelling at about 40 mph, sometimes in heavy traffic. But how in the hell did he even become involved in such a risky art form?

Lachiram says, “I saw people performing dangerous stunts on national television. I thought ‘if they can do it why can’t I?,’ so I started practicing yoga on my bike.”

yoga3“Many people ask me about my stunts. People who have not witnessed my performance ask me to perform stunts for them. People who age around 45 to 50 years say ‘Lachiram this is not good for you,’ but today’s youth appreciates and supports me. They want me to continue performing.”

Over the years, Lachiram has been building a name for himself, and recently, Lachiram’s stunts were featured on Barcroft TV (check the clip above), which have helped to propel him into becoming an internet sensation.

As for how long he will continue, Lachiram says, “I completely love doing stunts on my bike and I will continue to do so for the next 15 years. I can stop doing my work but I can’t stop performing.”


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