28.5-Liter World Record Holder Rebuilt After 100 Years

Today, most people think of Fiat as a company that builds small, gentle vehicles. But that’s not how they were always perceived. In fact, back in the early 20th century, Fiat was known as one of the most ferocious companies on earth, producing some of the world’s fastest and most exciting vehicles.

fiatJust check out this monster Fiat S76. This vehicle, which was nicknamed the “Beast of Turin,” was built in 1910 and snagged the world record for fastest vehicle on earth. Clocking in with an official time of 116 mph (unofficially, it hit 137 mph, but this was never confirmed by an upwind run), the S76 cranks out 300 horsepower through its highly advanced 28.5-liter engine, an engine that also featured four valves per cylinder, multi-spark, and an overhead cam.

So, why am I bringing any of this up?

Well, recently, Duncan Pittway of England bought the remains of the two original S76s and embarked on a mission to restore the classic vehicle. And for our utter enjoyment, they video taped the whole thing! Check out the roar from this bad mamma jamma; it’ll blow you away.

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