Driver Crashes $1.15 Million McLaren P1 Less than 24 Hours After Pick-Up

Last week, news emerged about a McLaren P1 being totaled on a stretch of road right outside of Dallas, Texas. Considering that the car costs about $1.15 million, nothing could be worse than that, right?

mclaren2Well, guess again.

As the details have been released, it turns out that the 27 year old driver involved in the accident only had his ride for less than 24 hours!! This was confirmed by Dallas-based luxury car dealership Park Place Premier Collection, who said they had delivered the vehicle on Tuesday of last week.

The crash, of course, took place at 7:41 a.m. the next day (which was just one day before Thanksgiving; that’ll put a damper on the holiday plans). First responders said that the driver appeared to lose control of the car after hitting a wet patch on McKinnon Street, causing the speeding car to slam into a guardrail.

According to reports, the 27 year old driver and his 24 year old passenger were then taken to Parkland Hospital with non-life threatening injuries. At least, there’s that to be thankful for.


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