Motorcycle Stunt Riders Lead Police on Wild Chase

In a video released earlier this week, we get an up close and personal view of a wild motorcycle stunt gang being chased by a pack of police– which even includes a roaming, buzzing police helicopter.

Recorded from the helmet of one of the bikers, the incident appears to have taken place in the San Fernando Valley region of Los Angeles (pause the clip at 0:33 and you’ll see the Pier 1 Imports shop on Canoga Ave). The date of the incident, however, is unknown.

Throughout the video, there are a number of wild twists and turns. At the 1:17 mark, there is even footage of one biker attempting a wheelie and losing control of his bike.

In the end, the biker with the camera alludes capture and pulls into one of the city’s back alleys. It’s something you HAVE TO SEE!!

Along with the video, the poster– known simply as Sitdown Steve– says:

INSANE motorcycle stunt riders get chased by the police helicopter and patrol cars for riding wheelies, drifting swing multiple lanes plus doing other stunts on the street. A group of stunt riders performing extreme freestyle motorcycle stunts and tricks on public street’s and highway’s get the attention of law enforcement. Police chase a large group of bikers running from the cops. Motorcyclist lead police officers chasing them on wild high speed pursuit. Police patrol cars at multiple times our only a few feet away from motorcycles performing drifts and wheelies throughout the entire police chase. Law enforcement use all the resource at there disposal to try and stop bikers evading arrest police even bring out a helicopter aka ghetto bird to spot light bikes running from the police patrol cars on the ground. You’ll see one sport bike rider wreck while attempting to wheelie with cops only a few feet away. The stunt rider crashes while being chased by police cruises and helicopter spot light him above. Bike Vs Cops on the street bikers battle to out run law enforcement. A few of the stunt bike riders our eventually caught and arrested by police but most of the stunt bike riders eventually get away and out run the police by going through a tunnel under the highway to escape all police including helicopter or ghetto bird!

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