Lotus Sets Guinness World Record For Jumping a Big Rig

In a stunt that would have made Evel Knievel’s head spin, Lotus and technology sponsor EMC set a new world record for jumping a semi through the air– hitting an astonishing 83 feet, 7 inches.

ryanThe big rig was driven by stunt co-ordinator Mike Ryan (who has done stuntman work in films like Terminator 2 and The Fast and The Furious) and took place at an old airfield. Ryan, who was extremely excited before the jump, said, “It’s the one thing I have not done in a big rig… the one thing I haven’t done is jump a big rig and a trailer. It’s one of my dream stunts.”

At 83 feet, 7 inches, the semi SHATTERED the old Guinness record, which stood at 50 feet, 6 inches and was set on MTV’s Nitro Circus back in 2008.

According to reports, the semi truck used in the stunt was heavily modified (duhh), and nothing flammable was included inside of the cab in case the jump took a disastrous turn. If you want to see more of the behind the scenes operation, check this link out. If not, enjoy the video below. It already has over 6 million views!!

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