MASSIVE Train Collision

Earlier this week, a 24-year-old truck driver was killed when he accidentally skidded his MAZ truck out onto a Kazakhstan railway. The collision involved two different trains that were both eventually derailed.

The tragedy took place between “Kondratovka” and “Petropavlovsk” stations on the South Urals Railway.

The entire incident was caught on a CCTV camera. Along with the video, the following information was released…

“Today, November 22 at 12.30 h. MAZ trucks (tractor with semitrailer) under 24-year-old driver left the regulated level crossing (2606 km of driving of Petropavlovsk – Kondratovka South Urals Railway, 18 km. from the regional center) and collided with a freight train number 2698, according to Zakon. kz with reference to the Group of the State Language and Information, Department of emergency MSE. The collision derailed 4 empty gondola cars of a freight train.”

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