Chinese Stunt Driver Breaks Parallel Parking Record with Only 3 Inches to Spare

Driving downtown in any major American city requires one mandatory skill: parallel parking. For most, parallel parking is just a pain in the butt. In fact, it has become such a nuisance to so many people that many manufacturers have even started  working on autonomous capabilities that will take over when it’s time to squeeze into those tight spaces.

This, of course, means that within a few years parallel parking will become a lost art form for many drivers. But for die-hards, like Han Yue, I don’t think this will ever be the case.

Last week, at the China Drift Championship, Yue proved this by breaking the Guinness world record for getting into the tightest parallel parking space in history– a gap of 3.15 inches. The previous record was set in July 2013 and was a meager 3.4 inches.

In order to make this record possible, Yue used a Mini Cooper, slinging the small ride like a boomerang into the tight spot. It’s something you have to see to fully appreciate. Check it out below.


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