Chevy Debuts Colorado ZR2 Concept at LA Auto Show

Chevy Colorado ZR2 ConceptYesterday, at the LA Auto Show, Chevrolet showcased the Colorado ZR2 concept– an aggressive off-road truck specifically aimed at providing GM’s line-up with a true and pure off-road option. Blending together elements of the well-established Colorado and the  ZR2 trim package, GM believes that this truck will make waves amongst off-roaders when it is released next year.

“From the bold stance to the trail-ready special equipment, the Colorado ZR2 is all about the fun of driving where the pavement ends — and doing it in characteristic Chevy style,” says Tony Johnson, the Colorado marketing manager. “Chevrolet has a heritage of the ZR2 representing the ultimate in production-based off-road capability… The design of the ZR2 concept is all about functionality. It is inspired by the needs for traversing rock-strewn hills.”

Making this capability possible, Chevy has implemented a few upgraded features, including:

  • Front and rear tracks that are about 4 inches wider than the production Colorado Z71 to help with better stability on rugged terrain
  • Improved front and rear fascias that sharply reduce the overhang, which helps provide greater approach and departure angles to provide more ground clearance.
  • Electronic-locking front and rear differentials that help boost traction
  • New flip-out aluminum tows on the front and rear fascias
  • A new grille, a built-in front-end winch, headlamp housings, and a power dome-styled hood

As far as the engine goes, the Colorado ZR2 will use a 2.8-liter Duramax diesel engine that will crank out an estimated 181 horsepower and 369 pounds-feet of torque. It will also feature a six-speed automatic transmission.

Chevy Colorado ZR2 ConceptWithout a doubt, this truck was designed specifically in response to Ford’s F-150 SVT Raptor, which is extremely popular amongst off-road junkies. In a statement, GM says, “[The ZR2] is a vision of how Chevrolet could take the all-new midsize truck’s off-road capability to the next level.”

So, what do you think? Has GM put out a legitimate threat to the Ford Raptor? Could it potentially take the crown as today’s ultimate off-road midsize truck?




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