Dave Kindig and Bitchin’ Rides Are Taking Over the Hot Rod World

Over the last 15 years, Dave Kindig has been moving up the ranks, gaining a reputation as one of today’s best hot rod and modified ride minds in the world. It’s a reputation that’s been built off of his extraordinary talent and unique vision, both of which were apparent right from the beginning of his career.

kindig2'In a 2000 profile by Deseret News, Jacqueline Cheney says, “When Dave  Kindig talks about depth, the movement of lines and the effect a design can have on a car, he sounds as if he has trained at one of the more prestigious art schools. But Kindig… is a self-made man. He didn’t got o fancy art school. He didn’t even go to college. But his love for cars and drawing has helped him build a prosperous custom automotive design business.”

In fact, his shop, Kindig-It Design, has become so popular and respected that Velocity decided to give Kindig his own television show, Bitchin’ Rides.

Debuting earlier this year, Bitchin’ Rides was an instant hit and put Dave Kindig in the upper stratosphere of celebrity auto enthusiasts, right along side Jay Leno and Top Gear hosts James May, Richard Hammond, and Jeremy Clarkson.

TV Ruckus says, “Velocity hit series BITCHIN’ RIDES began its run on September 3rd by breaking ratings records for the network, including ranking as Velocity’s #1 delivering original freshman series ever!”

But the real question now is: what’s next for Kindig and his team?? Well, check out what he had to say in his interview with 4wheelonline at SEMA 2014…


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