EPIC Jeep Fail: Tries To Climb Fake Las Vegas Snow at SEMA 2014

SEMA is supposed to be a showcase of some of the world’s most amped up, aftermarket rides. So, going there, we were expecting nothing but the best, rides with superior performance that could churn through anything.

So, when we caught this sight outside of the Gold Overhaulin’ Tent, you could imagine just how stunned we were. Check out this ridiculous video of a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited fail!!!

5 thoughts on “EPIC Jeep Fail: Tries To Climb Fake Las Vegas Snow at SEMA 2014

  1. Well If you really knew what you were looking at you would know the guy was in 2wd. The Jeep is more than capable with 40’s one tons and air lockers. I know because its my Jeep. This jeep has seen every trail in SOCAL to include some of the hammer trails.


    • Let’s see that video than. Why’d you let the assclown that didn’t know how to drive behind the wheel of such a “capeable” rig?


      • When the VP of SEMA came and asked to use my vehicle for a week why would I say no? Say what you want but this Jeep was built for the hammer trails here in so cal. I didnt tell him how to use the compressor and lockers because I saw no reason to even need them. this is not my video but one showing him drive thru all week in 2wd. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v3yjIaPBkgM


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