Ford’s Modified 1979 F-150 Is Hypnotic

1979 F-150 SEMA 2014Last week at SEMA, Ford turned some heads with one of the show’s finest masterpieces: a modified 1979 F-150. This truck, of course, is a classic and was a part of the final year of the F-150’s sixth installment. One of the best ways to spot a ’79 Ford is by looking at the headlights, which had recently transitioned from a round to square shape.

But that’s beside the point. This SEMA featured installment has been transformed into a modern day juggernaut. Originally owned by Mark and Darla Pollock, this heavenly beast features a highly impressive powertrain equipped with:

  • John Kaase 460 Racing Block
  • Bored and Stroked To 542 CID
  •  Hampton 871 Blower/ Dual 850 Edelbrock Carbs
  • 310/75 CC Edelbrock Heads
  • Custom Built Headers
  • Custom Built C6 Transmission
  • 4.89 Gears/ 4 Wheel SSBC Disc Brakes

forIn addition to the hypnotic powertrain, the truck also has a removable hard top, suicide doors, and a linear activated hood. Bottom line: this ride is what we like to call a PANTY DROPPER.

1979 F-150 SEMA 2014

1979 F-150 SEMA 2014

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