WEIRD 1998 Chevy S-10 Hot Rod Fire Truck Is an eBay Classic

Browsing through eBay Motors, you’re always bound to find something out of the ordinary. Sometimes, it might be a rad vehicle being sold for next to nothing; sometimes, it might be a $1 million James Bond submarine Lotus! It just all depends.

weirdoWell, currently, eBay is showcasing one of its strangest vehicles in recent memory: a 1998 Chevrolet S-10 Hot Rod Fire Truck, or so its labeled.

Really, this ride– which comes from Melrose, Florida– defies any pinpoint definition, having blended a smorgasbord of strange, unorthodox parts together.

This alteration all starts with the modified Chevy pick-up cab. According to the description, the body’s been channeled three inches and the cockpit moved rearward 42 inches. Of course, the ride’s metamorphosis doesn’t stop there. It also features a new 7.6-liter Seagrave/ Pierce-Arrow V12 from 1941 that pumps out around 202 horsepower and has a 24 spark-plug layout with 60 feet of ignition wire.

So, how much is the owner asking for this enigma of a vehicle? Well, he only wants $19,000 because that would cover the cost of materials and the machine shop charges that it cost him to build the weird beast.











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