Golf Cart Sets New World Record by Hitting 118 MPH

dragzineNo matter how big a fan of gold you are, you’d be remiss to say that golf is not a little boring sometimes. It’s just a part of its nature. The goofy pants, the slow paced action, the even slower golf carts. Really, what gold needs is more Jon Dalys and Happy Gilmores. It needs beer and crazy fans, topless women cheering and painting their bodies.

Last week in South Carolina, Plum Quick Motors did their best to inject a little spice into the golf world by showcasing their world record holding high performance electric golf cart.

According to the official reports, this mean machine set the record by hitting a whopping 118.76 mph on the closed racetrack. Driven by 52 year old Robby Steen, it was also reported that the standrad, two seater completed a quarter-mile course at Hartsville Darlington Dragway in an impressive 12.241 seconds.

“It was a very wild ride, right on the edge of being a very bad day,” Steen told “”I prayed a lot and the good Lord let me walk away safe.”

The new record breaks the previous record (which was also held by Plum Quick Motors) by over 15 miles per hour. In case you were wondering, Plum does sell commercial golf cart motors, but none coming close to as fast as the world record holder. The company’s priciest model goes for $650 dollars and tops out at a measly 40 mph.


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