2015 Toyota Tundra Is Dedicated to the V8 Package

tundraAs Ford prepares to move in an aluminum direction and every truck manufacturer seems to be making the switch to the turbocharged V6 engines, Toyota is staying true and loyal to their pickup fans. Their 2015 lineup will be comprised of good ol’ fashioned steel V8 Toyota Tundras.

According to Toyota’s website, “Before it rolls down the assembly line or appears in a showroom, Tundra was first styled in California and Michigan. We created the Tundra with the American consumer in mind right from the start… The Tundra TRD Pro packs a punch with a tuned dual exhaust that gives the 5.7-liter V8 a ferocious bark.”

Of course, the Tundra Pro isn’t the only pickup that has a V8; Toyota has decided to give every pickup model across the board the standard V8 package, delivering the rumble that every true truck fan loves (check it out on the video!).

Is it strange that the Tundra is now advertising itself as some sort of classic American truck? Hell yes, it is. But on paper, the 2015 Toyota Tundra appears to be the most traditional truck on the market this year, delivering all of the classic comforts of the American past.

tundra3Toyota says, “Tundra is assembled with pride by a dedicated team in San Antonio, Texas, with 70% of the parts from the U.S. or Canada. In fact, 1794 Edition takes its name from the year the ranch on which the Toyota plant now sits was founded. We are committed for the long haul to building the most capable full-size pickup truck on the planet.”


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