Lifted Jeep Wrangler Smashes Into Ferrari Italia at SEMA Show

SEMA 2014

seOver the past decade, the SEMA Cruise has grown into a must-see event for auto enthusiasts. That’s because this event is completely open and free to the public (unlike the official show inside the doors of the Las Vegas Convention Center), allowing fans to see all of the showcased cars live and in action.

At this year’s Cruise, though, fans got more than expected when a customized Jeep Wrangler slammed into a modified baby-blue Ferrari 458 Italia. The Ferarri was equipped with a $30,585 aero kit from project partner Liberty Walk LB Performance- one of today’s top tuner companies.

Considering that the event is open to the public, it should be no surprise that video of the incident has surfaced. In the video, we hear the vicious crunch right of the incident when the amped up rides collide, alongside a couple of supers bros yelling, “Dude, what the fuck. What the fuck, dude! WHOA! OH!” (there’s no word on how many six packs those guys killed before the incident).

Much credit should be given to Liberty Walk boss-man Wataru Kato for his actions following the hit. Instead of flipping his lid, Kato led the onlooking crowd into a chant of “LB Performance!” and “Banzai!,” which completely turned the tide of the crowd’s energy. Later, Kato followed up with his good energy karma by posting to Facebook, “Nobody got injured and the guy hit our 458 did not do that on purpose. We are happy we had a great time with all people helped us at SEMA. See you guys next year again.”

Good for you LB Performance. I can’t say that my reaction would have been quite so civilized.


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