SEMA 2014 Ringbrothers’ 1966 Chevelle Cranks Out a Whopping 980 HP

SEMA 2014

reLast year, the Ringbrothers- a Wisconsin based tuner company- sent the crowd at SEMA into convulsions after debuting their version of De Tomaso Pantera, which they re-named ADRNLN (see picture right). Last year’s Pantera featured an upgraded 600-hp Wegner Motorsports LS3 V8 engine and a number of head turning exterior modifications.

Road and Track said of the ride, “Aesthetically, it’s an homage to Ford. Functionally, it’s an homage to DeTomaso. Heat builds up there and cooks something fierce. It happened on the dyno, and now it’s happened on the road.”

recoil2This year, the Ringbrothers have raised the bar to an entirely new level after debuting their 980 horsepower 1966 Chevrolet Chevelle! That’s a 475 horsepower gain over the original stock  output of 505! Helping deliver the performance of the vehcile, which they’ve dubbed Recoil, is a supercharged, fuel injected Wegner Motorsports LS7 V8 that slugs down 91-octane pump gas.

In addition to this ferocious engine, the Recoil also has a Dynoshaft driveshaft, Flowmaster mufflers, and a Tremec T56 transmission that’s been further strengthened by Bowler. Aesthetically, the Recoil is no slouch, either. In fact, it has been finished in a BASF Sand Storm paint that has left two carbon-fiber strips exposed on the hood to work as racing stripes. Even further, this monster of a car has also been fitted with hand-laid, carbon-fiber front bumpers and mirrors.

Ringbrothers co-owner, Jim Ring, says of the vehicle, “[The Chevelle] blends the raw power of a race car with the sleek and detailed finish of a show car. We put a lot of hours into this car and we are proud of the results. The Chevelle is as beautiful as it is fast.”




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