N2A’s 789 Corvette Is an All-Time Beauty

n2Most people out there haven’t heard of N2A (No Two Alike) Motors, but that’s only because they are a small niche company. Believe it or not, this company is actually making some of the most bomb custom builds in the entire country, blending a number of unique stylistic elements.

“Our vision at N2A is to take everything that we love about our favorite classic, retro, and modern sports cars, and build them into new vehicles with state-of-the-art performance, safety, and reliability,” says the N2A website.

Currently, the company has 3 different build models showcased on their website: the Anteros, the 789, and the Stinger. They’re all stone cold foxes, but of those three beauties, one model–the 789– stands above the rest.

According to the company’s profile of the fan-favorite 789, this vehicle combines some of the best years of Corvette’s body design history into one unbelievably unique package.  “Aptly named for the three years represented in the overall design, the 789 has the ‘hooded eyes’ and chrome grille of a ’57, a midsection of a ’58 Impala and the ‘bird in flight’ rear tailfins of a ’59. These three vehicles are all instantly recognizable classics celebrated by people around the world.”

n2a5On top of that, the incredible body design of the 789 is mounted on top of the classic Corvette C6 chassis, which is highly regarded and has even helped win the wold famous Le Mans race.

Underneath the hood, drivers can still expect the ferocious modern day performance of the current event. That’s because, in order to make this vehicle, the company strips down modern Corvettes and then builds up from there. The company says, “We hand-graft the retro body panels over the stock frame, suspension, and massive 440-horsepower, 6.0-liter aluminum-block V8 engine.”

This styling and design package has helped the 789 rise up through the ranks of today’s most ascetically pleasing, cream in your pants rides on the road. But where did it come from?

Well, the $135,000 ride  was originally the brainstorm of a Chevy dealership owner. N2A chairman Fred Canter says, “Three years ago, my friend George Kerbeck, owner of the Chevy dealership in Atlantic City, had a brainstorm. He was going to have his body shop cut and weld parts from 1957 through ’59 Chevrolets to create the ultimate 1950s icon. Those three cars are striking, and this was the only time in history when three successive model year Chevys were each unique designs.”





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