Elite Pickup Series: Dragon Fyre Jet Engine Pickup

Over the next few weeks, 4wheelonline will be chronicling some of the world’s elite pick-ups. Today, we will be starting with this jet-powered monster. Stay tuned for the rest of our series in future posts.


dragThere are a few pickup trucks around the world that stand out from the pack. Upgraded, souped up monsters that just seem to steal the show. Undoubtedly, if discussing some of the elite pickups of all-time, a person would be remiss not to mention the Dragon’s Fyre.

If you’re never seen the Dragon’s Fyre in action, you’ve really missed out. This jet-powered 1940 Ford pick-up is the only one like it in existence, roaring out a primal, ferocious sound as it speeds down the drag tracks.

The idea for the truck came from the twisted mind of owner/driver David G. Modder, a man that used to spend his childhood watching jet car races at the Great Lakes Dragway in Union Grove, Wisconsin.

Speaking about the modifications that the truck needed, Modder says, “By extending the bed of the truck, the engine could be placed entirely behind the cab. Also, we extended the wheelbase to 135 inches for better handling as well as lengthening the box to 7 feet to accomodate the engine and afterburner.”

drag2“The top of the cab is only 52 inches off the ground. This gives the truck a custom hot rod appearance… long and low. We added a NASCAR COT style chin spoiler to prevent lift and added vents on the back of the fenders to allow air to escape. The roof has strakes to give lateral stability.”

This now-legendary truck has become so big that it has been featured on ESPN, ESPN2, Fox Sports Network, and Horsepower TV, as well as in print publications like Hot Rod Magazine and IHRA Drag Review.

But still, one of the best videos of this beast comes from the 2012 59th annual World Series of Drag Racing competition. Shooting fire out its ass, this truck was able to hit 205 miles per hour on  the track as spectators salivated over the beast machine. Take a look at the video below.

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