Palm Beach Dealership Fires Up a Lamborghini Huracan Police Car (w Video)

Courtesy of Lamborghini Palm Beach, a division of Warren Henry Auto Group, there is a new video sweeping across the internet. The 5 minute long video, posted by World Car Fans, showcases a translated Lamborghini Police car trying to lambo22take down a black Lamborghini Gallardo.

Car and Driver says of the video, “The highly produced, five-minute video is pure car porn, a Lambo-on-Lambo scene with full-frontal lewdity, starring a black Gallardo and a Huracan in ‘sexy policeman’ costume that mimics the Huracan donated by Lamborghini to the Italian State Police.”

The Italian police vehicle that they are referring to was donated earlier this year and was provided to replace two Gallardo squad cars driven by officers in Rome and Bologna. Apparently, European police have been employing the help of super cars since 2004, and this particular one was just another notch on their belt.

Unfortunately for the Palm Beach police, though, this car will not be featured in their official line-up of police cars. Instead, it is just being used to make exceptionally great videos like the one below.



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