Volkswagen Makes Huge Strides Towards Becoming World’s Largest Automaker

Over the past few years, Volkswagen has indicated that they have every desire to become the world’s largest auto manufacturer by 2020. And to their delight, it seems that they are ahead of initial projections.

In a statement released today, the Volkswagen Group said that they are on target to sell 10 million vehicles this year after a recent surge in sales.

vw“Despite the continuing big challenges in the market, we have the opportunity now to reach the 10 million mark in deliveries this year, four years earlier than originally planned,” Volkswagen said in a statement to the public.

Much of Volkswagen’s 2014 success has come even though their sales have declined in the U.S. and South America. Instead, they have become hugely popular in the European and Chinese market.

“The Group continued to record very encouraging figures in the Asia-Pacific region, where 2.99 million vehicles were handed over to customers [so far this year]…It’s the Group’s largest single market.”

Not only is the entire Volkswagen Group expanding, each and every individual brand is also thriving and growing in sales. This success is spearheaded by Audi, which has increased its sales by 10 percent. One thing’s for sure when it comes to the “People’s Car,” it is relishing in all the success.

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