Driver Does Amazing 1/4 Mile Wheelie to Win World Power Championship

On Sunday, during the 20th annual World Power Wheelstand Championship, driver AJ Fiorelli put on a peep-worthy show. Driving his ’68 Barracuda, Fiorelli drilled out an astonishing 990 foot wheelie for the salivating fans. This performance, of course, was enough for Fiorelli to capture the event championship.

This performance, however, did not happen easily; it’s been a long time in the making. Fiorelli has been competing at the event for 6 years, and according to him, he’s never had any luck.

“I’ve broken axles and parts were always coming apart,” he said. “I’ve shaken off the bad luck and everything kind of came together today.”

“I haven’t changed anything on my car in two years. All the stars have to align for you [to win] and many days they haven’t aligned for me. But today they did.”

The wheelie is already going down as one of the greatest in competition history. Drag Illustrated called the performance: “a monumental, virtually flawless and picturesque wheel stand that will undoubtedly go down in drag racing as one of the greatest ever.”

Adding to the ambiance of the moment is legendary announcer Ron Leek’s play-by-play description of the scene. Check it out in the video below. It’s definitely worth watching!!!


Also, a big shout out from 4wheelonline, not only to Fiorelli, but to his sponsors: Midwest Chassis, Hilyard Performance, Promax Racing Carbs & Engines, Brooks Transmission, and Midwest Converters.

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