Mercedes Shows Us the Intimate, Love Making Session that Created Their New Van

When a company rolls out a brand new model, we can usually see the ancestry. We can see the predecessors that made the car possible. The styling. The engine. We put the pieces together.

But I don’t think we’ve ever seen the hot and steamy bang session that conceived the idea. Well, that is until now.

In a leaked Mercedes sex tape that is dirtying laptop screens across the world, Mercedes shows us the moment of conception up, close, and personal.

In the video entitled Dirty Driving, we see an S63 AMG Coupe going down on an Actros heavy-duty truck. The encounter, Mercedes claims– Maury’s baby, daddy results still pending– that this encounter created their brand new Vito van, which is due out next year. Grab some Kleenex and check the video out for yourself; it’s hilarious!!


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