GM Claims that Cadillac CT6 Has World’s “Most Advanced Body Structure”

ct6In their current bid for world domination (and in attempt to outrun the crumbling GM reputation), Cadillac has been making some bold statements lately. That’s part of the confidence that comes from relocating your headquarters to New York City!!

Well now, Cadillac is really going out on a limb, claiming that their Cadillac CT6 has the world’s “most advanced body structure.”

In an interview with the Detroit News, Mark Reuss, GM’s executive vice president of global product development said, “We will create with the CT6, the world’s most advanced body structure. And it’s not aluminum. It’s a stronger, smarter, safer premium luxury vehicle.”

“So rather than try to copy someone, or do something that has already been done, we have created, we think the vehicle, in this timeframe, that will stand apart and make Cadillac again the standard of the world.”

Their definitely seems to be a lot of hoopla and bold rhetoric in Mr. Reuss’s words. But how much of it is really true?

ct62Well, it turns out that waaaay back in 1906, the Cadillac did win the Dewar Trophy from the Royal Automobile Club of England, spawning the nickname “Standard of the World.”

And it is true that there are many reports now coming out that state the whole aluminum revolution was a bit exaggerated and premature- “It is possible to design all types of lightweight vehicles and to get them to the 2025 targets, and you can do it with steel,” says Blake Zuidema of Arcelormittal.

So, it turns out there may be some legitimacy to part of Mr. Reuss’s proclamations, but really, only time will tell if the CT6 can live up to the rest of his hype.


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