Check out the New F-150’s Aerodynamics Testing

Ford has put a lot of thought, time, and energy into the new redesign of the historic F-150. Obviously, most of the publicity has gone to their transition from a steel to aluminum body. But Ford has been promoting another aspect of the truck: it’s great aerodynamics.

“The truck’s sharp, boxy shape gives it a tough appearance, but actually the key to the design is aerodynamic efficiency– getting the most out of the shape,” said Brad Richards, Ford F-150 exterior design manager. “We made the F-150 look tough and capable, while also reducing wind resistance.”

f1Aerodynamics, as you probably already know, can contribute to more than a few things for a new truck.

One of the biggest benefits is fuel efficiency: “This will be the most fuel efficient F-150 yet,” said Ford spokesman Mike Levine, in an interview with Edmunds. “Our customers are buying the F-150 because they have a job to do and fuel economy plays a part in that.”

But how exactly did Ford find the appropriate balance between styling, engineering, aerodynamics and cost?

Well, Richards says, “Testing in the wind tunnel helped us fine-tune a happy medium… We learned where we could push shape and design to reduce drag, and where to stop when we weren’t gaining anything.”

Check out the video below to see the testing in action!!!

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