Tesla CEO Elon Musk Plans to Show Us His “D”

The internet is currently being set on fire by the world’s biggest tease. No, I’m not talking about your hot co-worker that won’t go out with you or even return your creepy, stalker texts. I’m talking about Elon Musk.

Late last night, Musk tweeted a photo of a mysterious car, while stating that he’s “about to unveil the D.” Check it out…

While plenty of chicks have already been begging for Musk’s D for years, car enthusiasts are now craving this new D. There are no exact details on what will be unveiled, but we do know that the showcase is scheduled for October 9th, exactly one week from today.

Not surprisingly, speculation has been running rampant on blogs and websites. So far, the most popular prediction seems to be that this car will be a 4-wheel drive version of the Model S, but there are a million other ideas floating out there, too.

musk2Technology site Engadget ranted, “Musk has previously hinted that the third generation of Teslas would involve both the long-expected “budget” sedan and an SUV smaller than the Model X”


The Verge huffs that it could be an “even more advanced infotainment system, or an electric bike to go along with the company’s all-electric cars.”

Either way, we’ll all know what it will be soon enough. Until that time, we can all just lie around and dream about Elon Musk’s D. When he whips it out, it’ll be huge.

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