Kawasaki’s New 300hp Ninja H2R: Most Powerful Motorcycle of All-Time

Back in the 70s, there was the Kawasaki H2— a 750 cc, 3-cylinder, 2-stroke blast of power. This bike was so powerful that it was almost universally regarded as the “King of the Streets,” beating out some of the era’s baddest roadsters, like the Plymouth Barracuda. In fact, the H2’s reputation was so legendary that it garnered more than a few radical, bad ass nicknames, too, including the “Widow Maker” and “The Wheelie King.”

kawaWell, now, almost 40 years after its production ended, Kawasaki is bringing back an updated version of that all-time great bike. And to no one’s surprise, this thing is a complete BEAST.

Earlier this week, Kawasaki unveiled the details behind the brand new Ninja H2R at the Internot Cologne event in Germany. At the event, the crowd was stunned to discover that this new rendition of the bike wallops out an ASTONISHING 300 horsepower.

That, of course, is about 100 more horsepower than most of today’s most serious rivals (the BMW S1000R and the Ducati Panigale to name a few) It even has 30 more horsepower than Marc Marquez’s championship-leading MotoGP bike!!!

In regards to the new bike, Kawasaki says, “The Kawasaki Ninja H2R motorcycle is an engineering marvel. The Gas Turbine division was crucial in the development of a hyper-efficient supercharger— the only one of its kind; custom components were created to near-impossible tolerances by the machinery division; and the Aerospace division crafted the distinctive carbon-fiber bodywork of this aerodynamic masterpiece.”

kawa3This 988 cc (!!!!) bike gets its phenomenal power from a supercharged, in-line four, liquid cooled engine. Only adding to the capabilities is a trellis, high-tensile steel frame, which Kawasaki says “provided both the strength to harness the incredible power of the supercharged engine, and balanced flex to help stability for high-speed competition riding.”

As far as public consumption goes, a varied design of this showroom bike will be delivered to the public in upcoming months. But don’t expect to be driving this thing on the roads; it is NOT street legal.

Kawasaki says, “Although the Ninja H2R will be a production motorcycle, its huge horsepower means it is only available as a closed-course model. Fitted with slick racing tires, it may not be ridden on public roads and should only be ridden by experienced riders.”


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