Harley Davidson Recalls 107,000 2014 Touring Bikes

Earlier this week, Harley Davidson put out a recall for all of their 2014 model year Touring bikes, which number about 107,000.

harleyAccording to the legendary company, “In the affected motorcycles, a component in the clutch master cylinder may fail, reducing the pressure available to keep the clutch disengaged.”

This malfunction may cause the motorcycle to “creep forward while rider intends to be stopped, increasing the risk of a crash.”

So far, there have been 19 reported crashes involving the clutch issue, leading to 3 minor injuries. Fortunately, no deaths have been reported.

In addition to this, Harley is also issuing a recall for 1,384 XG500 and XG750 bikes (better known as the Street 500 and Street 750) for potential fuel tank issues. The reports state that the current design may prevent the fuel cap from sealing properly, increasing the chance of spills.

All of this, of course, follows Harley’s July recall of 66,000 bikes, which involved problems with the front wheel.


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