$845,000 Porsche 918 Spyder Set on Fire

spyderWith less than a thousand Porsche Spyders in the world, the car is always susceptible to making headline news, especially when one is involved in a disaster.

Well, earlier this week, that’s exactly what happened when one of these VERY rare Porsches burnt to the ground at a gas station in Canada. Oh, Canada, you lackadaisical stoners. That car is worth 845 grand!!! How could you let that happen???

According to reports, the flaming 893 horsepower super car was owned by Michael Werkerle, the CEO of investment firm Difference Capital and star of CBC’s Dragon’s Den (the Canadian version of Shark Tank). Witnesses to the incident say that gas spilled as the car was being refueled and was then lit aflame by the car’s twin exhaust pipes, pipes that shoot upwards from the engine compartment rather than the typical exiting out the back of the vehicle.

spyder2Attendant Prasath Patkunasign said in an interview with City News, “Suddenly, I heard a noise. I just turned around and looked and there was a fire going on. I was scared that the whole thing was going to blow up.”

As far as the driver goes, she says, “He was standing over there screaming and was telling everyone to stay away… he was stopping cars.”

Wekerle’s publicist said in email concerning the event, “Michael was filling his tank, two drops apparently leaked out of the nozzle and the car set ablaze. The damaged vehicle was towed back to his 200-acre country farm in Caledon where it now sits. The car was completely totaled.”

Fortunately, nobody was hurt during the incident. Well, let’s not be so haste. I’m sure Mr. Werkerle was at least a little hurt watching this trophy smoke up.


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