GM’s Corvette Has Illegal Spying Features, So Be Careful

Over the weekend, General Motors warned Chevy Corvette buyers and owners not to use one of the vehicle’s high-tech features because it could possibly result in the owner committing a crime in certain states.

vette2The feature?

Inside of these Corvettes, drivers have a Performance Data Recorder (sometimes referred to as “Valet Mode”) that allows vehicle owners to secretly record conversations and performance data in their cars, such as when the car is being parked by a valet.

Initially, many may wonder why a car owner wouldn’t be allowed to record a valet or the happenings within HIS OWN car. After all, it is his property and anything that goes on within that property should be monitored in order to prevent thefts and to offer extra protection.

Obviously, extra protection from somebody harming your property is great, but this device also has the capabilities to harm others in your car, which is why many states have made these types of devices illegal without proper consent from those being recorded.

Here are some parallel examples for why these laws have been put in place…

  1. Recording somebody’s conversations, whether it be over a phone or in a car or in a house, could be harmful to the person being recorded. Comments that were made in private could be made public, which could lead to defamation of their character and integrity.

vette3So, unless you think that EVERYTHING someone says should be up for public ridicule and examination, this car is a major violator of this form of privacy. Also, if you really do believe that someone’s words should be made public, you need to get a clue because you are a fool.

  1. Recording somebody’s image without consent or knowledge could lead to some major scandals and embarrassment, as well as character defamation. For example, is it right to record somebody without their knowledge if they enter your home? Initially, you may say yes. But what if that person had put cameras in his/her bathroom to record you taking a shit? Or what if they recorded the other God forbidden things you do in the bathroom?

I think it’s pretty apparent that we need to protect people from those problems.

Even though it might not seem like it, the same protection needs to be offered in a car, as well. For example, what if a woman had to open up her shirt to fix her bra? Sure, being able to see some nice, juicy breasts might sound appetizing, but it is most certainly wrong, especially without consent. That’s why these cameras cannot be allowed.

On a side note, if a woman wants to flash her breasts willingly (check out the video below), we should definitely allow that!

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