Fatal Motorcycle Crash Caught on Camera

Below are two angles of the same incident.

According to reports, the man involved in the accident was 32 years old and did not die instantly. Witnesses reported seeing him moving seconds after the crash before passing away. It is believed that he was travelling at 160 km per hour; for all you Americans out there that’s equal to 99 miles per hour.

As far as you riders out there, remember to stay safe out on the roads. It gets pretty vicious out there.



2 thoughts on “Fatal Motorcycle Crash Caught on Camera

  1. Its just as much the bikes fault. They were going way over the speed limit. Why cant they follow the rules like the rest of the normal bikers? Weaving in and out of stopped traffic. One even did it on the video. Driving the wrong way to go around slower traffic. I feel sorry for the guy on the bike. But he might have been able to avoid the ass in the car had he been driving sensibly.


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