Attempted Car Theft- Old Lady Fights Back and WINS

Over the weekend from across the pond, a video of an old lady battling a carjacker went viral.

The video shows little, old Ms. Smythe on her way out for a holiday vacation. In the car, she has about 700 pounds of luggage and her passport. The, out of nowhere, a young man notices an opening to jump in the vehicle and zoom off. Only, Ms. Smythe lunges her way back in the vehicle, clinging to the man for dear life.

The incident was captured on CCTV, and the family is now searching for the perpetrator. In a Facebook post, her son writes, “This scum bag tried robbing my mums car at 7:45 am this morning outside her work!! (Ripponden road) She is pretty badly bruised but as you can see shes a lil warrior! Please please please if anyone recognises this man/ his clothes or saw anything we NEED to find this man !!!!!!”

Check out the video for yourself…

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