Volkswagen Debuts New Pick-Up Concept

vw4This week at the IIA Motor Show in Germany, Volkswagen showed off a concept vehicle that has got a lot of people talking. The vehicle, of course, is the Volkswagen TRISTAR.

The TRISTAR was designed with two things in mind: future Volkswagen Transporter van up front, open bed in the back. Despite its meek looks, this vehicle actually stands six and a half feet tall, and many people are actually impressed with its potential for off-road capabilities.

Car and Driver says, “Were this truck to lose its chintzy concept-car stuff (a video conferencing flat-screen and a built-in espresso machine), we think it would make an excellent VW-made pickup for the U.S. market.”

vw3Some of these expectations have been spurred along by some of the truck’s impressive and gaudy numbers, which includes 4MOTION all-wheel drive, a locking rear axle, and a raised suspension. Impressively, the vehicles engine features a 2.0 liter four-cylinder TDI diesel that makes 201 horsepower and 332 lb-ft of torque. Coupled with a familiar seven-speed dual clutch automatic transmission, this helps the truck hit a top speed of 115 mph and a zero-to-sixty speed of ten seconds.

Inside of the truck, however, there is a much less outdoorsy feel that includes a 20-inch tablet computer, video conferencing, and room for a table and espresso machine.

So, what does everyone think: Is this truck half-decent or is it a piece of junk? Personally, I wouldn’t be caught dead behind the wheel of this… way too weak!



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