Ford Adds 1,200 Jobs to Kansas City Plant for Transit Van Production

Ford— one of today’s American pillars— announced today that they will be adding 1,200 workers to their Kansas City Assembly Plant to help with the production of the Ford transit van.

fordThe addition brings the automakers job creation total to more than 14,000 since 2011, which exceeds the 12,000 jobs that Ford agreed to create in its 2011 contract with the UAW.

“Adding a second shift to Kansas City Assembly not only adds more jobs to the community, it also helps deliver more Transits to more customers throughout North America,” Joe Hinrichs, Ford president of the Americas, said in a statement.

At the same plant, Ford added 2,800 jobs in 2012 and 2013, along with investing a whopping $1.1 billion towards expansion. Currently, the Kansas City plant has a total of more than 6,000 workers.

“I am very pleased that we are able to add 1,200 new jobs to KCAP which will strengthen this community and continue our efforts to grow good paying middle class manufacturing jobs,” said Jimmy Settles- UAW vice president for its Ford department.

fordkan“This is possible because of the collective bargaining process and the partnership between UAW and Ford.”

Obviously, this move and the recent growth of Ford are significant signs that the American auto scene is thriving, something that the country desperately needs to spur innovation and financial well-being. Even more impressive and deserving of credit is the fact that Ford has been able to establish a growing, thriving operation without the government support that rival company GM has needed.

Instead, Ford took out a $5.9 billion loan under their own watch, completely confident in their own planning.

Washington Times writer, Jim Picht, says, “The nation’s second-largest automaker has succeeded in reinventing itself based on market demands while eschewing the ‘quick fix’ of government bailouts… At every turn, Ford’s management decisions have been superior to GM’s.”

Now, it is all paying off. Ford is increasing profits and expanding worldwide. They are a symbol of everything great about American innovation and business. They are a company that deserves respect from us all.



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