Vehicle Mows Down Group of People

In a frightening video from Bandarawela, Sri-Lanka, a 48 year old man was killed and 20 other people were injured as they were canvassing on foot and hit by an oncoming vehicle. Included in the accident was Senthil Thondaman, a former Uva Provincial Council Minister.

Following the incident, Police Media Spokesman, SSP Ajith Rohana said, “The Jeep had collided with the crowd who were part of a propaganda rally in Bandarawela. Thondaman was run over by his own vehicle driven by his own driver. Nineteen others sustained injury.”

According to reports, the driver of the vehicle was Senthil Thondaman’s personal driver. There is no word on whether or not the collision is believed to be intentional or not, but police are currently searching for the driver. He fled the scene immediately after the incident.

2 thoughts on “Vehicle Mows Down Group of People

    • Absolutely. Based on the known facts of the incident, it may have been an intentional hit on Senthil Thondaman, a former Uva Provincial Council Minister


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