Chevy S-10 Pickup Sets Record as Quickest “Street Legal” Vehicle

chevyAnnually, Drag Week- hosted by Hot Rod- brings out the best of the best. It’s like a gear head’s heaven on earth.

Undoubtedly, one of the most coveted titles that a driver and vehicle can walk away with at the event is being named the “quickest street legal” vehicle on the road. Over the weekend, at the Tulsa Parkway in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Larry Larson brought home that title by setting a new world record with his 1998 Chevy S-10 pickup truck.

Wait!!! What???? A pickup truck????

That’s right; Larson clocked in at an astonishing 6.16 seconds and an amazing 219 miles per hour. According to Hot Rod Magazine, Larson’s truck features a factory steel cab, steel doors and steel bedsides all wrapped around an SFI-certified chassis.

Powering the vehicle, Larson has a Pro Line-built 620 ci, 5-inch bore-spacing Brodix big-block Chevy-based aluminum engine with Brodix heads and twin turbos.

chevy2In addition to this, the Chevy S-10 uses a pair of 98mm-inducer Precision Turbo Gen 2 Pro Mod chargers to feed it extra power. As far as fuel systems go, the truck has 2. For the street, the engine burns gasoline supplied by twin Aeromotive in-tank electric pumps that feed 220 as well as 550 pound-per-hour Precision injectors. For the track, the engine burns only alcohol that is supplied by a belt-driven Aeromotive fuel pump.

Not surprisingly, Larson has said that one of his main focuses when building the vehicle is to take off any unnecessary weight that he can find. Some of the parts that he’s gotten rid of include the gasoline fuel cell, pump, and fuel filter, as well as the truck’s aluminum radiator, cooling system, and side pipe exhaust.








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