Toyota Unveils Truck-Cargo Van Hybrid

toyot2Later this month at the World Maker Faire in New York City, Toyota will be debuting the Toyota Urban Utility concept vehicle, also known simply as “U2.” According to Toyota, this vehicle is aimed at a niche audience, specifically the “needs of an entrepreneurial, urban driver.”

Toyota has not announced yet whether or not this vehicle will be mass produced. Instead, they are just trying to gauge the potential interest.

In a released statement, president Kevin Hunter says, “Toyota saw an opportunity for a new approach to an urban vehicle based on increasing re-urbanization of our cities and urban drivers’ desire for flexibility, fun and maneuverability. [It is aimed at providing] the functionality of a compact truck and the spaciousness of a cargo van.”

As you can see, the inventive hybrid features a truck bed set-up, only with the option for a roof covering that is also retractable. In addition to this, it features retractable back seats, as well as a number of tools to help with utility. Some of these features include a removable front passenger seat, a retractable utility bar, hooks for hanging tools and bags, and utility rail system.

toyot3These little quirks are at the very least interesting to think about. But is there really a market for this? Well, it’s a question that will be answered in the next few weeks as responses flow in from consumers.




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