Ferrari F-80 Supercar to Hit 310 MPH

ferarrCurrently, Bugatti’s Veyron is the Guinness World Record holder for fastest vehicle in the world, clocking in at an amazing official time of 267.8 miles per hour. But what if I was to tell you that was child’s play?

Well, according to Italian designer Adriano Raeli, the new Ferrari concept car- the Ferrari F-80 Supercar- will be able to blaze away an unthinkable 310 miles per hour. This would be made possible through a hybrid drivetrain that pairs a KERS system with a combustion engine to produce 1,200 horsepower.

Raeli says, “The F80 Concept aims to bring the most authentic F1 experience and performance to the road without compromising the brand’s class and elegance of form. The vehicle is designed with Formula 1 architecture in mind with a blend of Ferrari’s Le Mans heritage.”

In order to make this possible, Raeli has also decided to switch this car from the iconic V12 to a 900 horsepower twin-turbo V8 setup (the KERS system brings the additional 300 hp).

Of course, none of this could even be possible without an extremely lightweight body setup. Well, Raeli took care of that, too, shedding the design to a proposed weight of 1,763 pounds. All of these features would also help accelerate the Ferrari concept to a blazing 2.2 second 0-60 time.

ferarri2“Aerodynamics play an important role as the overall frontal are is decreased by the air channels that have been carved between the main body and the wheel arches. F1 A-arm suspension configuration is clearly visible through these openings. Other details such as the centralized exhaust are meant to decrease drag,” says Raeli.

No doubt about it, if this thing gets made, it will be the most astonishing vehicle we’ve seen in a long time, maybe ever. Check out some more of the photos of this gorgeous concept car below:





2 thoughts on “Ferrari F-80 Supercar to Hit 310 MPH

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  2. 1. The Second Supercar will be alot faster too! It call the Third Supercar Ferrari F-80 #2:It will be same Car too! It will have top Speed of 400+ Miles Per Hour too! Agreed! by car will be mfg in Next Year Market too! Agree!!!!! By 02/15/2016 A.D Put on Market soon on this Date too!


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