Dashboard Camera of High Speed Chase: 2 Teens Dead

2 teenagers died after leading police on a late night chase through the back roads of South Carolina.

debrisThe incident occurred around ten p.m.  According to the South Carolina Highway Patrol, a Lexus was trying to outrun Hanahan Police when it went off the roadway minutes after officers tried to stop the car for a traffic violation.

During the chase, the Lexus led police up and down neighborhood streets, running into numerous dead ends before turning around and re-routing the chase. Driving wildly, the vehicle also hit a number of mailboxes and at one point the passenger side door was opened as one suspect thought about jumping.

Police have said that the vehicle exceeded 100 miles per hour for much of the chase. They also said that after running the plates, they discovered that the vehicle had in fact been stolen out of a neighboring county.

Finally, after a lengthy pursuit, the chase came to an end in the woods at the end of Foster Creek Road. Moving up to the car with weapons drawn, police found 4 people in the vehicle. Nineteen year old Patrick Graham was pronounced dead at the scene. Eighteen year old Martin Pinckney was transported to MUSC where he later died, as well.

Shaylynn Capers

Shaylynn Capers

According to reports, both died from severe head trauma. Neither person was wearing a seatbelt and both were ejected from the vehicle. Driver Shaylynn Capers, 17, and passenger Jimarie Travis Whitehead were treated for non-life threatening injuries.

During a search of the vehicle, police found a loaded Beretta 9 mm pistol in the waistband of one of the deceased passengers. They also found another .38 caliber revolver inside of the car, as well as a handful of stolen property.

Police have now released dashboard video of the incident. Check it out below.



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