Toyo Tires Releases Exciting Video with BJ Baldwin and Robby Gordon

If you want to be the best, you have to study the best. That’s why aspiring basketball players look up to Michael Jordan and LeBron James for tips to improve their game. That’s why young, up-and-coming quarterbacks study the way Peyton Manning breaks down a defense at the line of scrimmage.

toyo2Replicating and studying the best helps to make people better.

The same goes for off-roading. When building up an off-road truck, drivers need to look for guidance from today’s premier off-road drivers.

With that in mind, Toyo Tires has teamed up to produce a pair of commercials with two of today’s all-time legends— BJ Baldwin and Robbie Gordon— to help spread the word on the strength and capabilities of the Toyo brand (check the first one out below).

In the pair of Toyo commercials aimed at amping up the off road community’s awareness about the versatility of the new Open Country R/T tire, Baldwin and Gordon rip through desert terrain and speed across paved roads in their classic custom trucks. For the exciting commercials, Baldwin, a 4-time world champion, is behind the wheel of a lifted custom Toyota Tundra, while Gordon churns through the desert in his custom Chevy Blazer.

This, of course, makes for an exciting ad (check out #2 below).

For those that don’t know, Baldwin and Gordon are among today’s best and most experienced drivers. Over the years, Gordon has racked up a number of wins in many different arenas, spanning from NASCAR to Champ Car and everything in between. Likewise, Baldwin, a 4-time (!!!!) world champion, carries the same type of experience.

In a recent interview with Dub Magazine, Baldwin discusses his experience and love for off-roading, “I feel that off road racing is the best kept secret in motorsports. I’ve been indifferent kinds of race cars, rally cars, drift cars, and even stock cars. Nothing is even close to being as cool as riding in a trophy truck. You don’t know how amazing it is until you’ve gone for a ride. It’s incredible how fast these vehicles can go even on the roughest terrain.”

With credentials that Gordon and Baldwin bring to the table, there is not an off-road driver out there that should not follow suit. Toyo Tires is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with.


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